Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mad Ants Game!

 We got a last minute opportunity to go see a Mad Ants game this past weekend. 
(This is a local basketball team a step down from what the Indiana Pacers would be.)
Here is a shot of The Gaertegang and The Parents (you can't see their little guy he is asleep in the car seat.)
 Caleb made a sign to cheer on the team...He was so proud of this sign!
 So proud that he hunted down the mascot to show him the sign and got a big hug in return!
 Here is Zach soaking up some cotton candy. Mmmmm!
Lance was not going to miss out on the cotton candy..plus he was hogging the popcorn!

We had a great family night and the kids really had a ball. (No pun intended). It was a great entry to Caleb's B-day which we celebrated on Sunday.



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