Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quilting Again!

After a long dry period with no sewing I have been excited to work on a few projects lately. You already saw the little blanket that I made for Julia last month. This month, I started this little lap quilt kind of by accident. I was looking through my fabric and already had a project in mind. I saw my bag with scraps in it and decided to take a quick glance through it. I found several square of fabrics that were left over from a previous quilt I had made Lance years ago. It was then I realized that I could keep my project I had in mind for later and make a little lap quilt for Zach instead.
I laid the scrap squares on my bed and then I found wide strips of fabric I could use for border. I trimmed the square to 6 1/2" (which will give me 6' finished squares) and starting piecing them all together. So far I have completed the top and pressed it all nice and flat. I have to decided for sure what I want to do for the border. I have thought about several different options but haven't yet nailed down what I will do. I was excited that on Tuesday night I was able to start attending a quilt club in my county again. I had been before probably 3 years ago, then I had another baby and not time to commit to it know that goes. Now I have no babies in the house again and want to start going again. It is always a great time of inspiration and learning.I promise to show you my finished project in the next couple weeks.
Be sure to head over to for more Just for the JOY of it!
Are you working on any projects at your house....quilting, sewing, painting, home improvement? I would love to hear about them.



Genesa said...

Looks great Danielle! I'm glad your able to start doing something you love again!

Sharon said...

Wow, that's incredible! Just something you threw together? It's beautiful!

Sab said...

That looks fun! I like that it's nice and small. I'm going to attempt my very first quilt using flannel fabrics for a baby blanket. We'll see how it goes.

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