Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I Love Thursday!

It's Thursday already...Whew I can harldy believe it!!! I love sharing with you things I love each week, I hope you enjoy it and feel like you get to know me a little more each week as I share!
This week the thing I chose to share might come as a little shock to you did me at first. Well first you should know that when I was newly married (age 20) I thought I would never be once of those mom who drove a mini van...I was way to cool for that. I would always have some great looking SUV of some sort to haul around my crew...Well after our first son was born, maybe even before that I can't remember exactly, I got my SUV a pretty blue Expedition!!!! LOVED IT...loved everything about did hubby for that matter. So a few years passed and then kid son number two came and when he was about 6 months old we started to think maybe a different vehicle would work better for us. Also we knew we wanted more kids and a third car seat in the back seat wouldn't we liked the idea of being able to haul more people along with us. So we bought a MINI VAN much to my demise....but I ended up loving it much to my surprise :) So we drove that van until it had nothing left in two weeks ago yesterday we found our new vehicle. We had been looking for this certain vehicle for 6 months because we knew time was running out for the poor mini van. Sooooo here it is the feature thing I LOVE this week.

Okay so catch your breath a little bit...Yes it is a 15 passenger van....Yes it is HUGE!!..Yes it has more seating than we need.....Yes it is crazy to think of me driving a passenger van when I thought I wouldn't be caught dead driving a mini van........It's pretty though isn't it????......Ya know I love everything about it!!! I LOVE that I sit up so high when I drive it...I LOVE all the windows I can see great when I drive it...I LOVE that I have a radio that actually works and PLUS a CD player (I'm high timing it I know!!)....I LOVE the fact that now I will be able to go pick up friends to come play with the boys...or pick up my mil and sil and hit some garage sales together!!!.....I LOVE the red color!!!....Lastly I LOVE that it's paid for!!!! So call me crazy, I realize not everyone will share my endearing enthusiasm about my van, but I thank the Lord for providing us with a safe vehicle that was in our budget..... Enjoy your Thursday!
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Megan said...

Cool you found it!! It is pretty!

Mominin said...

I like it! (Although, I don't think I would want to drive it...I'd probably run everyone off the road). I really like the red color! You'll be easy to spot...I'll keep my eyes peeled for ya!

Jenny said...

It is a great van. I know what you mean about sitting up high. Congratulations!

Sarah said...

Congrats! When you find that perfect vehicle, it feels good. Especially being paid for. Great! That will be nice to have the room you need.

Thanks for linking!

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