Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Fun Magazine Deal

I signed up for a FREE subscription of Family Fun Magazine and I received my first one this last week. Last Friday I got a chance to look through it, and let me tell you I was so impressed!!! I couldn't believe how many things I really liked about the magazine..lots kid friendly ideas! The one thing that really impressed me was that these ideas were actually doable for my family. I sometimes struggle with finding things that all of us can do together and enjoy...Lance my oldest is almost 8yrs. old and Julia my youngest is almost 2yrs old. As you can imagine finding things we could all do together is so exciting for me. I am looking forward to trying out several of the little craft ideas...which let me tell you in something in and of itself because "crafting" is not really my thing when I have to do it and manage all the kids at the same gets a bit crazy sometimes...but these ideas seem doable....WHew Hoo!
Another fun thing I came across as I was checking out my new magazine is that they are running a Mother's Day special. LISTEN UP this is good!!
Buy a (10 issue) subscription for 4 special women and it cost you only $5 per gift ($20 total)!! If interested in this deal you could bless 4 women with a gift....I think that is really cool and really could easily spend $20 on one magazine for 1 person.....Good Deal I think!
I am considering surprising a few women with this gift...HMMMM I might just smell a giveaway in the air????? Stay tuned just in case.......
Do any of you already get this magazine??? How do you like it?? Do you get any magazines in the mail that you just LOVE??? Please leave a comment and let us all know what you get and what you like about the magazine!

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