Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Early Midweek Funny??

So this is what happened at our house this morning....It has been a bit of a stressful time around here this am...it started with the missing kitty drama..(no worries they have now been found..and are now in a safer place!) Then onto some bad attitudes and poor work ethic when it came to chore time...Then the kiddos were given permission for a little break time to play in the boys room (upstairs) while I finished folding some laundry (downstairs). Julia went along to get in on some of the fun too..which is fine usually....I hollered upstairs to remind Lance to shut the door to My and Hubby's bedroom to make sure Julia didn't go in (which is a normal thing they do as soon as they go upstairs.) Then after just a few minutes...couldn't have been more than 5 minutes I walked part way up the stairs to check in and make sure everyone was doing okay..no Julia to be found...After questioning the boys on her whereabouts I went first thing to my room.....the door was locked???? HMMMM...I said "Julia are in you in mommy's room and she promptly said "Yes mommy!" with excitement in her voice.....Grrrrr...After a big sign and probably a dirty look to the boys....I tried to explain to Julia (remember she will 2yr in June) how to unlock mommy's door....so after what seemed like endless explaining I came to the conclusion that she didn't have a clue what I was saying....I was wondering what to do....Naturally I called Hubby!.... Okay so that didn't help me out much because he was an hour away.....So I took the door knob off the side facing me and tried to figure out how to unlock from my side...NO luck...So again I am wondering what to do...by now Julia realizes she can't get out and she keeps saying "Mommy out!!" "Open door!" In the middle of all this the boys are trying to tell me they know what to do so they are trying to "help mommy" which is making mommy quite crazy to say the least! So now I am thinking to myself if I have to call the fire department or something like that to get my daughter out of this room I am going to just DIE!!!! Okay so I call Hubby again and he says call someone close and see if they can help or just knowck down the door (I thought "Well I have always hated those hollow doors anyway and I seriously thought about taking him up on that offer so I could score a new one, but then I thought better of it!" I didn't want to tramatize Julia)...So a call to Uncle Jim was in order...He was home on lunch break, and he agreed to come over and SAVE US!!...While I am waiting on him to arrive of course I keep fiddling with the door thinking to myself what an idiot I must be because I can't for the life of me figure out what I need to do in order to flip the lock.....In all my frustration I did something right or wrong maybe and the lock clicked!!! WHEW!!! I rescued my Julia and probably gave the boys the "Your lucky I got that open and did have to call the fire department look......" In the mean time I called Hubby once again to tell him I now have the situation under control and to call uncle Jim and tell him his assistance is no longer needed...I heard uncle Jim pull in the driveway..then stop..then heard him pull out again.
Thanks uncle Jim for coming all the way over here and then leaving...we probably owe you some cookies or something :)
Thanks Hubby for you unending patience that was needed when mommy was in here "What in the world am I gonna do panic mode!"
I am not ready to laugh about all this yet but maybe it's all funny to someone....I am telling you this story in the hopes that I will soon be able to look back and think "Oh ya, I remember when......" But I am definitely not there today!!
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Jenny said...

It'll be funny in a few years. ;c)

Megan said...

Oh that sounds like quite the day! I'll admit the locking deal made me smile. It so faintly seems like I had a similiar thing happen and had to take the door knob off. But I'm not sure.

I guess it's the mom memory not working for me again. So maybe someday you will laugh about it and then maybe even forget it!!!!

Better days ahead!!

Anonymous said...

i have to say nate and i were laughing the whole time i was reading your story. we are sure glad everything turned out good with the kitty's and with miss juila! hope your week is a little more calm for you!
love, Christa & Nate

Mominin said...

Too funny. Maybe she'll stay out of your room now! This happened several years ago to us, but I was able to pick the lock. I had completely forgotten about it until I read your story. Now you will never forget!!

Jill said...

Love the story! Sorry it was to your expense but it did make me laugh. Have a better day!!


Anonymous said...

Tim had knee surgery on Tues. and this is the first thing he has laughed at. I appreciated the timing on this note as I was getting frustrated trying to help him get comfortable. We are glad all is well, Julia first then the boys and you definately will laugh about this later, we have all been there one time or another. Thanks for the smiles you brought us & hope today goes better!! Tim & Pat

Carra said...

That sounds like my Cow story with Liam.
Wow! I think the Lord allows those things to happen to us cause He knows that were to busy to laugh! Haaaaa.
Thanks for sharing!
See you Wed.

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