Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Things for Friday!!

Each Saturday for the last month and a half we have had to be at the YMCS at 8:30am...yes your right UGH!!!! The boys have chosen soccor as their sport they love to play! Here is a shot of Julia hang out ont he mats watching her big brothers kick the ball around!

Here is a shot of Caleb with his team...she the cheesy one giving a thumbs up by the coach!
Here is Lance with his team...he's all the way on the right!
Here is Julia again..this time doing as big brother does watching on her belly :)
Are you catching any theme with Caleb....He thinks he can't take a photo without putting those thumbs in the upright position...Funny thing also he does this everytime he scores a goal to....looks over at us with a big smile, shakes his head yes, and gives us the thumbs up...He's so cute!
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Megan said...

looks like fun!! the thumbs up thing cracks me up!!

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