Monday, April 27, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday!

Well it's Tuesday again, so here is my little tidbit for the day....Around here the Gaertegang has been very busy with "Spring Projects". Here are a few things we are up: Changing oil in the van, truck, and lawn mower, mowing for the first time, hanging out at soccor games, remodeling the bathroom, tilling up our new spot for our garden (!), taking care of our two new kittens (more on that in another post), weeding the flower beds, transplanting perennials, planting annuals, and planting my potted flowers for the season, fixing edging in my flower beds....okay you get the point we've been busy!!!!!
So my tip today is "STOP TO SMELL THE FLOWERS....AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!!!"

Here is a shot of my creeping phlox....This tree/ bush blooms these wonderful flowers each year...does anyone know what it is??? I just have never taken the time to figure it out...Here is an up close shot of my magnolia tree..I just love the hot pink color of these flowers!!!!
Here is my sweet Julia having some FUN with her mama!!! I just love this little dress she has on.
Here is my lovable Caleb getting a smooch from Midnight..I just love seeing Caleb smile!

Here is another shot of Julia giggling so hard she can't hardly stand it!!! I just love her belly's makes me laugh too.
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Megan said...

great pics! Isn't it great to finally get outside!!!

we're loving it too!

Mominin said...

I love that last picture of Julia. She looks like she's having a great time!!

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