Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kmart Double Dollar Days!!!

Okay so this is what I found at Kmart during their fun DOUBLE dollar days....first here are a few rules to follow: you can use 4 like coupons per transaction, and you are limited to 25 coupons per transaction, they are doubling up to and including $2.00 coupons.
I got two Beggin' strips dog treats for our puppies for .79 each, Flawless Secret deodorant for .49 each (I got 4 of them), on clearance I found two St. Ives elements scrubs..(I made money on those: because they each cost $3.49 and my coupon was a $2.00 coupon which doubled to $4.00....so free plus overage!) Then I got threesALL detergents free plus some overage as well. They were $4.79 each and I had two $2 coupons which doubled for $4 making two detergents .79 each but then I had a $6.50 coupon in the mail from All so then my 3rd one was totally free and the overage paid for my other two as well!!! What a beautiful thing I know!!! My gum was free ( I got two Tridents, and 6 Stride)..plus I had some overage on the Stride gum. I also got some Nivea hand cream I found on clearance as well and paid .49 for that. Lastly I scored a Glade carpet freshener for free as well.
So when all was said my total before coupons was $60.00 and then after all my coupons and I paid $6.34!!!!! That was for 20 items...three of those being detergent, and $2.44 of that total was tax!!!!!!! I just love a good BARGAIN run don't you???? So check out your local Kmart and see what deals you can find... Happy Tuesday!!!
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