Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! My tip this week is fun and yet soooo practical! About three years ago I asked for a laminater for Christmas. I was getting all geared up to embark on the homeschooling adventure and thought a laminater would be a great tool to have on hand....BOY WAS I RIGHT!!!! I love mine and have used it for so many things. I laminate all my flashcards, game cards, my new cookbook, and a host of other fun things. It makes these things last so much longer and I don't have to worry about one of my "little ones" getting a hold of the flashcards and ripping them (or when they where littler chewing on them).
Here it is in action....you should able to pick one up for about $20.00....you might be able to get one cheaper. The laminate pages you buy to run through the machine are about $8 a pack. I think it is well worth my time, effort and money....maybe you would too???After I laminate my flashcards I usually wrap a rubber band around them to keep them together...they don't fit back in the box. Laminating them makes them nice for traveling too..they are more durable and the kids can even use dry erase markers to write the answers on each one and then I can go through and check them if for some reason I am not doing the cards with them......Maybe something you should consider....Maybe not.....
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Megan said...

sounds like it would be nice. I don't have one but use the sticky paper sometimes to laminate! Is it called contact paper?? I think!

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