Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kroger Jackpot!!

Last night I went to Kroger and got 57 items for $47..I only have two pics because I found two bags of stuff on the floor after I had already taken the first one and put most of it away...I did do two transactions so that I could get two General Mills deals!!!! I think I will be stocked up on Pasta Roni for while with 16 boxes!! I got free Hussies wipes ( I had a $1.00 of any Huggies product from the mail), also birds eye veggies were free, diapers were only $2.47 each (I think that is what they figured up at anyway) milk (8 of them), free Quaker Rice snacks too!!!
Overall a good stop I think....How did you do this week shopping???
Leave a comment and let me know...I am feeling comment deprived me out!!!!!

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Megan said...

This was a great week at Kroger!! You did a great job!

One thing to remember about comments is to make sure you're commenting on lots of blogs too! If you're commenting on their blog then a lot of times they come to your blog and comment. Kinda a give and take... just a thought!!!

makeetis said...

I so wish I could do that. I go to kroger and spend $50 on 2 bags. I need to find out how to get some smart shopping done.

Anonymous said...

how did you get your milk for free, I've not seen any milk coupons.

Danielle said...

There was a deal when you buy three General Mills cereals (I got the ones that were 3 for $6 then used my $1 off 3 general mills cereal coupon) then you got 4 one half gallons of milk FREE...that deal ends today though...

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