Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Practical Tip Tuesday

This week's tip is pass the kindness forward!!

Julia is so happy to pass on her clothes to another little girl!!

In our family of 3 boys and 1 girly girl we have been so incredibly blessed by others who have passed on their gently used clothes to us when they are done with them!!!! I just can't tell you how that has warmed my heart as thoughtful people have just given us their things with no money exchanged or accepted, no strings attached, nothing expected in return...(Thank you God for these wonderful, selfless families!!!) Now I am having a fantastic time doing the same to others I know...passing on my little boys stuff when my Zach had out grown them, and now Julia's little girly clothes as well.. This photo was taken a few months ago when we passed on 0-3 month through 18 months clothes onto another mommy expecting to have a girl after two boys. What is crazy is that these are not even all her clothes....we still have more to pass to my sil who found out she is also having a girl (she has a boy already). I can tell you I have bought my children hardly any clothes because of the generosity of so many.....maybe you should consider doing the same for someone you know.....Maybe having a garage sale just doesn't make sense for you and your use of time...maybe you'd rather give them to someone who can use them instead of making a little money from them????? You decide what is right for you and your family.....
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Carra said...

I love the idea!
If it wasn't for our church family and Gamys Garage Sale finds our babies will be well lets just say not clothed so sweetly!
and Too Liam is still wearing some of the clothes that you gave us from your boys when Liam was just born!
Thanks for the great ideas!

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