Monday, January 19, 2009

Walgreens and CVS runs this week!!!

I would have probably skipped Walgreens again this week, but I had $10 in RR (Register Rewards to use by the 19th). I thought I would show you what I ended up with. Dawn for .49 each, Orajel, Revlon eyeliner, auto freshener ALL FREE AFTER WALGREENS REBATE, plus I coupons for the Revlon and Orajel so they were MM!!! Justin needed some Mucinex so I got that too. I spent NO money out of pocket because I had my $10 in RR and then a $25 gift card from transferring Justin's monthly perscription!! I still have another $10 left on that as well. Also I should get $23.27 back in rebates and another $8 for an additional mail in Manufacturer rebate on the orajel and yet another Manufacturer $4.99 rebate for the auto freshener!!!!!! Great Money making week at Walgreens!!!

I DID EVEN BETTER THAN I PLANNED AT CVS!!! This is my 1st transaction:

3 bags of chips $9
4 12 packs of pop $12
1 3 pack box of Kleenex $3.69
2 St Ives Lotion $2.99 each
2 CVS allergy $3.79 each
2 Children Throat Coolers $4.99 each
1 gallon of milk $2.79

Total was over $50

I used a $10 off CVS coupon, A Buy One Get one coupon for the throat coolers ( they were already free this month so I made money on that), .50 coupon for the Kleenex, $2.00 coupons for each of the St.Ives. Then I also used up some ECB's from earlier this week $30 worth.........Then I paid $1.53 for all 15 items!!!!!! Then if that isn't awesome enough....I got lots of ECB's $2 for the Kleenex, $9.98 for the Coolers, $10 for the Pepsi/ Chip deal ( Plus I am mailing in a "Rebate thing for that which should score me $15 in coupons),$7.58 for the allergy med: TOTALING $19.56 in ECB's

My 2nd Transaction was just as sweet!!! Even Lance gave me a big thumbs up!!

3 milk, Kleenex, Johnson's body wash, 2 Throat Coolers, 2 boxes of Soy Joy, 2 Nasogels.

Total over $50...

I used another $10 off $50 purchase coupon, $1 off soy joy, $1 off Johnson's, B1G1 Cooler - $4.99, $2 off each of the Nasogels (these were also free this month so I made money on both of them), then I rolled ECB's from the first transaction onto this one (using all of them). My total was $4.46 oop. THEN I GOT $39.98 back in ECB!!!!

I LOVE CVS!!! All together 26 items for about .23 each... then almost $40 to spend in the weeks to come!!!


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