Monday, January 26, 2009

Meijer and Menards Three Weeks in a ROW!!

Well for not usually making it a habit to go to Meijer I have been their 3 weeks in a row now!!! It just has worked out in the schedule and I found a short cut way so it only takes me about 20-25 minutes now!!! Well I spent more than I ever had at Meijer this week. With good reason though, I bought a lot of chicken!!! I got 2 of the family size fresh cut boneless skinless chicken breast....they were only 1.69 a pound!!!!! I came home and put it in gallon ziploc freezer bags and it will make 4 meals for us! Also I stumbled across some manger special chicken breast with the rib bone in was 40% off so I paid $2.xx for each of them....also making another 4 meals for us!!! I grabbed some Tillapia Fish as well...not really a good deal ($3.99) but we have had it before and we LOVED it and I thought it sounded like a good changed up in the menu. I also got paper plates, fish crackers, salsa, apples, grapes, chesse, and ziploc bags. All totaling $48. Not a "cheap" week but I spent most of my money on meat (9 meals worth) not too bad either.

Menards was good, but I was a little frustrated because they were already out of 4 things that were FREE after REBATE....I thought they should be stocking the shelves a little better when this is only the second day of the sale. Sorry about the ranting...anyway I got 4 picture frames (great gifts to have around), 5 air freshenrs, 2 saw blades, 2 batteries, 3 different cleaning wipes for vechiles, 2 shop cleaning wipes, 2 boxes of 20ct hanging hooks. I also got a 6 pack of sponges that will be $1.99 after $3 rebate..not free but a good bargin...and I go through them. Since you have to buy $10 worth of non rebate items to get the FREE after REBATE items I scored two 5 pound bags of peanuts ( my boys were thrilled about that) for $4.44 each and a $1.29 tea I only spent $.10 over the $10....I LOVE IT!!! I am thinking this week I should get my first rebate check!!! I hope anyway because this week was the most expensive week for me spending $70, but I know I will be getting almost all of that back (minus $10) in rebates!!!!!!


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