Thursday, January 15, 2009

Genesis Bible Study Ch. 29 & 30

CHAPTER 29: Jacob makes it to his uncle Laban's and meets up with him and Racheal as they graze the sheep. He notices Racheal's beauty right away and was taken with her. After talking to Laban ,Jacob agrees to work for 7 years for him in exchange for "his daughters hand in marriage", thinking it would be Rachael. When the 7 years was complete Laban gave Jacob his oldest daughter Leah, saying he could not give away his youngest daughter before the oldest. Upon discovering the deceit he went to Laban and asked for Racheal to be his wife also and Laban agreed to give him Rachael as well after the "honeymoon" week was over. So he took Rachael as his wife and then worked for 7 more years for Laban. As you can imagine, two sisters being married to the same man causes more than its fair share of the chapter is you want all the juicy details...there are many :)
CHAPTER 30: Jacob completed his second round of servanthood to Laban and asked to be sent on his way. Laban convinced Jacob to stay and told Jacob he could "name his own wages". Jacob said he would take every imperfect animal ( with spots or blemishes) of Laban's. Laban agreed to Jacob's request. Jacob once again was not honest with his intentions....though the Lord chose to bless him and increase in flocks and his wealth.


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