Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I LOVE a good bargain!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Well many of you know that since June 08' I have been caught up in this coupon CRAZINESS!!! Well since I always love hearing about BARGAINS I thought I would join the all other NUTS-O people posting their grocery pics :)

This is what I hauled home from Walgreens Monday night!! I got 2 Robitussin's (one came with a Pediatric Robitussin for free), 2 Children's Dimetapp, 4 Smuckers squeeze jellies, 1 Shampoo, and 1 Conditioner, 2 Glade Candles, and at the bottom real little is 2 Maybelline Lip glosses.

Starting with the MEDS they were each $6. Then I had a $1 off MQ (Manuf. Coupon) making my total with MEDS $20 then if spent $20 on these meds you got $10 back in RR (Register Rewards, which spend like cash on your next visit or your next transaction.) The Smucker jelly was on sale this week for 1.79 or so then I had 4 MQ's also..some Q's were .35 some .25...anyway less than 1.50 for each. The shampoo and conditioner were on sale for .99 with in store monthly book and then I had 2 $1 MQ making them FREE!!! The Glade candle were 2 for $5 then you do the mail-in rebate (i do mine online....SOOOOO easy to do) for $3 off making them $1.00 each..plus I had 2 $1 MQ MAKING THEM FREE also :) Well Lip gloss was on sale B1G1 (Buy one get one) 50% off. They were 8.99 so the second was 4.50 then I had two $4 MQ making them about $5 for both. SO my total was $28 for everything plus 2.XX in tax! PLUS I got $10 RR meaning $20 was my total!!

My CVS run was way better!!!!! CVS calls their "free money" ECB's. They were running a special that when you buy any CVS product get one 50% off. So the paper towels were 1.99 then the other was .99, milk (I got three) was 2.79. (I could have gotten it at Walgreen for 2.49 but I got it free with ECB at CVS) I got 2 All detergents 7.49 I think and I had a .40 Q. I got FREE after my coupon Shampoo again :) I got Huggies wiped for 1.49 after Q, then cottonelle moist wipes for 1.XX. soft soap .49, Then I hit the 75% off isle!!! They haven't had one for a while now since they had it full of holiday stuff.....but I always find goodies here. I scored Ocean Spray juice for a little more than $1. I got some gingerbread cookies for nothing along with some jolly rancher flavored candy canes, and some little candy things for BRIBERY TOOLS (I mean rewards....)

When all was said and done I spend 2.XX out of pocket!!! REMEMBER I HAD ECB (free money) to use up....AND I still went home with some ECB's to use next week!!! I LOVE CVS!!!!

Well if all this sound good to you and you want to know how to do the same thing I do, then you can go to http://moneysavingmom.typepad.com/ and look at the sections marked CVS 101, and Walgreens 101, and then you can shoot any questions my way that you have.....

I have been doing this couponing thing since June 08' and I have now cut our grocery bill in 1/2 each month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's huge.....And I already thought I was doing pretty good at $400 a month.....but HEY i will take $200.00!!!!!


Megan said...

Umm... I think you just called me a
nuts-o!!! Thats okay I love being nuts-o if it means saving a ton of money!

Great job on your runs this week!

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