Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Genesis Bible Study Ch. 15 & 16

Chapter 15: Lots of great DRAMA going on in this chapter!!! First Abram has a vision where the Lord speaks to him and says "Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward."

Can you even begin to imagine this happening to you???!!! The Lord promising you in person that he will protect and that HE is your reward!!!! WOW!! I guess the whole vastness of that promise is not totally understood by Abram.
The Lord once again affirms his promise to Abram that his offspring will number many. I think Abram's patience must have been running out.....can you blame the man??? The first promise of children was made when you was 75 years old. Now we see in chapter 16 that he is 85 when Hagar becomes pregnant and 86 when she delivers Ishmael.
I think of what an interesting conversation that must have been when Sarai was insisting that he sleep with another woman so that he would have children of his own. I also think it's funny how this was his wife's, Sarai's idea yet she then turned on Hagar and treated he badly once she was pregnant.

Sounds like some of the drama you can find on pretty much any TV station during the day....bad comparison I know, but things sure weren't boring :)


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