Monday, January 5, 2009

Mexico Trip #1

Here are some pics from our first trip to Mexico!!! Justin and Bob wanted to stop and listen everytime these guys broke out the instruments!

This is what we saw when we pulled into our resort...Grand Bahia Prinicipe Resort

Lots of pools, we were surprised that they were all wading pools. The deepest we could find was 3.5 feet deep. We spent most of our time on the beach.

You can't see it in this pic but there is a coral reef wrapped in some sort of burlap that Bob and Justin are standing on. It was really slippery, and took them a good 1/2 hour to conquer the task of getting up on it. They had a lot of fun messing around climbing them!

This is one of about 8,000 natural cold springs in Mexico. We visited this site after seeing the Mayan Ruins. You could take a dip in it if you wanted, everyone chose not to, except me!! The water was chilly but not to bad and was 150 feet DEEP!!!! All kinds of little pretty fish were also swimming all around. I did it only because I knew I would NEVER normally do something like this and I might never get the chance to do anything like it again.

We took a day trip to the ruins, about a 2 1/2 hour trip from our resort. It tool an entire day to travel there, tour it go to the spring, eat at Mexican restaurant, and then travel home. It was amazing to see all the work the Mayan people had did so many years ago.....

One of the nights there was a MEXICAN FIESTA. We scored some free tickets, so we went. I think it was the best thing we did on trip!! They started out with authentic dancing ceremonies, and had all kinds of the entertainment throughout the whole show. Really cool to see!!!

We ate out at several different "fancy" restaurants while we were there. This night was a Japanese Restaurant. I had never been to a restaurant like this...great fun! The food was SOOOO good too.

I thought it would fun to share some our pics from our trips to Mexico...yes I said TRIPS!! Let me explain myself a bit. TRIP #1: One of Justin's co-workers told Justin about an incredible deal he got on a trip to Mexico. So since we couldn't even remember the last time we had been away as a couple we decided to go for it! While we were discussing going on this trip Janelle and Bob (Justin's sister and her husband) said they might be in on going if we were serious. So when all was said and done, all four of us left on Oct. 1st bound for Mexico for 5 days of no kids, and no schedule, and no responsibilities!!! So enjoy some pictures of nice warm weather, since we know we won't have any of that here for a long time!!!!
STAY TUNED for trip #2 pictures tomorrow!!!


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