Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meijer and Menards Bargains!!

This is a pic of the things that Menards had this week for FREE AFTER REBATE!!! I noticed after I put almost everything away that I forgot to include the 2 boot trays I got also. I got 2 clamp, 2 Rain X, 3 shelf liners, a hammer, a square all FREE. With the rebate the catch is you have to buy $10 in non-rebate items which worked out fine because they have 24pk. of bottles water for $2.99 so I got four to meet me $10 requirement....and we needed some bottles water anyway!!! I think my Hubby is loving this bargain shopping even more since I am stocking up his garage with all sorts of great things!!! I should get back about $23 in rebates!!

I only went to Meijer again this week because I made the trip to Menards again....they are right beside each other so it only makes sense.. I got 8 boxes of cereal (the big boxes!!), 3 boxes of crackers, 2 lunch meat, 1 chip and 1 chip (part of what I am to bring to my in laws house for Justin's birthday celebration), 2 waffles, 2 yogurts ( I had a Meijer coupon for 2 free yogurts), 1 poptart, 2 butters...all together with tax I spent $26.00 (21 items at $26 is $1.23 per item not bad....but I have done better.


PB+J=12 said...

I am so inspired by all your bargain shopping! I so appreciate the tips like, half off day at good will! You go girl! You are taking such good care of your husband,children, home and finances!And you are making it fun besides!

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