Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snowy Saturday!!

Guess what we did this weekend??? Here are some fun pic to show you all the fun we had!!! Lance started off his fun on his 4 wheeler.

Julia on her first "real" sled ride, with big brother Zach to help keep her safe.
Caleb, Dad, and Zach take the snowmobile for a spin!!
Here is Zach waving at mommy.
Caleb is showing off his angel making skills.
Julia thinks she is BIG stuff as she rides along, Big brother Caleb is pulling her around the yard. She's grinning the whole time!!
Here is the whole GANG together, riding behind the 3 wheeler. Lance (who still hasn't taken his helmet off), Julia, Caleb, and Zach. Great time had by all, and hopefully more snow in the forcast???? While others wish for spring, the GAERTE"S wish for more snow to play in :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had fun this weekend in the snow. you guys will have to come over and go sledding down the hill!! Lisa's boys and mike's boys came over sunday afternoon and everyone had a lot of fun!!


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