Monday, January 5, 2009

Genesis Bible Study Ch 13 &14

Chapter 13 talks about Abram and Lot separating because the land and water supply could no longer support the herds of cattle from both men. So Abram let Lot choose whatever direction he wanted to go first. Then Abram waited for the Lord's leading on which direction he should go. Abram was a very wealthy man at this point, but still a nomad.

After Lot parted, God repeated the promise he had already made Abram. "Abram decedents would one day claim the whole land of Canaan. His offspring would be like the dust of the earth in number."

Chapter 14: Shows us the first consequence of Lot choosing to settle so close to Sodom (the men of Sodom were very wicked). He was taken captive as the Kings in the area went to war with each other. After Abram got word that Lot had been captured Abram organized his 318 trained men and went looking for Lot. When they found them they took at the goods, Lot, and all the women and children and other people. After returning Abram had two different offers from Kings to receive goods as a thank you for what he had done. Abram would only accept the food his men had already eaten and then offered a tithe of 10%. He didn't want anyone to be able to take credit for providing him his great wealth. He only wanted God to get the glory, for the things which he had been blessed.


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