Friday, January 9, 2009

Mexico Trip #2

Hello Again Mexico!!! Well after we were in Mexico the first time Justin discovered he had won a trip to Mexico and that we would go again in Dec. 2-7.....So here are some pics of our 2nd time around.......GREAT WEATHER every day mid to upper 80's and sunny!

Here is hubby catching some sun and listening to his IPOD. This happened to be our favorite pass time. Laying out, getting some sun, and just plain relaxing. This is the first vacation I ever came home feeling rested....good times!!!

This is a pic of the catamaran we went out on one day..(that is not us in this photo.) A man who worked for he resort took us and brought us back motor just powered by the breezy ocean air...I couldn't believe how fast it went! Lots of fun..

We could walk to this place from our resort and watch people swim with the dolphins. It was cool to check out and it was right in the middle of a shopping area

We enjoyed walking through this marina on the way to see the dolphins and admiring all the boats...there were some fishing boats and then some nicer ones that were strictly for entertaining.

This is a little portion of the beach area...I wish I could have bottled up a little section of it and brought it home with me :)

This is a incredible look at God's creation. We got up early on our last day to read our Bibles on the beach....and then catch every little last bit of warm sun before heading back to the freezing cold midwest.

Another beautiful view of the sun starting to come up! Imagine waking up to that view each morning!

A couple of the nights during our stay there were booths set up in the resort for you to buy things. This man was painting with different spray paints. We are not sure what the flame does to the painting but we enjoyed watching him do his work.

Overall we didn't take as many pics this time around. Mainly because we relaxed alot. Justin played some volleyball and snorkeled a couple days. We rode bikes a couple times, played tennis one day. We just enjoyed all the free stuff the resort had to offer!!
What a great blessing the Lord provided for us and we are thankful for the rare opportunity to get away together as husband and wife.


Jon & Carra said...

Wow y'alls pix are great!!!
What a fun blessing to go twice!
Okay, I have to ask what this through Justins Work that you won this trip or what?
Love you guys.
We love your bolg it makes us laugh, but miss y'all so very much!

Genesa said...

Wow looks like fun! Maybe I should just keep looking @ your pics instead of outside @ the snow!!!

Megan said...

Another Awesome trip! Great pics

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