Friday, January 2, 2009

Thinking Tank

Well I have been considering what to do about my hubby's BIG birthday (30th) that is approaching. I feel like I want to do something...just not sure what at this point. I would like to have some kind of big get together with all the people we love and just have a good old time. That also could be alot of work I am not sure I want to take on. Anyone have some good ideas??? I thought about seeing if the church was available to get for an evening and have a big carry in and just enjoy spending time with tacky???? I mean the pot luck end of it???? I thought the church would be a good place that all the kids can run around, and there would still be room for some of Justin's music buddies to play some music if they wanted and still we could have room for others to sit and visit....anyway give me your thoughts...


Anonymous said...

Well you could do something at the church. you could always just reserve that room at Pizza Hut and let everyone buy there own super and just bring a cake. if it was nice you could just have a party in your big barn like we did for mom and dad's. considering it is january you never know the weather it is will probably be to cold to be out there. well let me know if i can help you with any of it. Christa

Anonymous said...

if your barn is heated - you could do a square dance. we go to one every september and have a blast. the kids like it as much as we do. so it makes a great celebration for the whole family! :) tera a.

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