Friday, September 11, 2009

Who's Idea Was It?

So I am wondering this morning, who's idea was it to get two puppies? Oh ya, it was mine....Hmmm what was I thinking? Well let's just say that the puppies which are now around eight months old are getting into everything. Each morning for about the past 2 weeks we have woken up and looked outside to find a new mess they have created during the night hours. Grrrr...Well the boys are getting tired of cleaning up after them constantly because with their sharp teeth they shred everything...making pick up a little time consuming! In order to aid in avoiding these messes we have moved EVERYTHING they could possible even think of destroying, chewing, ect. inside one of our barn......ya well we should have did this after the first mess......So now we are thinking we have things under control and have saved ourselves the frustration of paper, trash, or recycling being drug all over our yard!!!!!

Well this am I open the door so the boys can go out and feed the dogs/cats...and what do I find?

I found Lance's ABeka DVD curriculum chewed up and spread all over the yard....Ohhhhhh my, let's just say Mom was fit to be tied!!! I am sure it is not a moment I am going to brag about nor one I am proud of.....I PANICKED!!!!!!!!!!!! My first thought was "How in the world did these get outside?" I am the only one in the house that is aloud to even touch them......They are in our school cabinet area...which no one is suppose to be into either......My next thought was "I wonder how much this is going to cost us?" They have strict rules on the care of the DVD's and they have to be returned in the same box they come in...blah...blah...Then one of the kiddos who was already cleaning up the mess brought me two of the DVD's (they were chewed in half!!) and I saw that is said lesson 75...and the other lesson 115......then it dawned on me that the UPS man had paid us a visit (after we had left for my mom's yesterday to do more canning)....I got home around 1030pm and I didn't see the package left at my front door (we use the back door to come in and out of the house.)

So another lesson learned....Puppies can and will chew through an entire cardboard box and then proceed to chew through the hard plastic case that contains the DVD's....oh no they didn't stop there with their fun....they then chew threw the DVD's as well......All this on a full belly because "Yes, they were fed and watered!!!" I AM AMAZED!!! I annoyed that these FREE puppies cost me a $75 dollar damage fee I have to add to an already rather expensive curriculum.....They are just puppies so I am forcing myself to just chalk it up to this......(knowing that before long I will look back and chuckle at this whole drama scence.)

LIVE AND LEARN.....I have now asked to be informed via email when a package is on the way...which I thought they were going to do in the first place....




Anonymous said...

Ohhh Goodness! Praying for ya!! Joy

Genesa said...

Soo sorry! I sure hope you can look back and chuckle about it someday. I have a feeling if you do it will be down the road a long ways!

Megan said...

oh that's too bad... One day a long time from now this will be one of those -- Remember when.....moments!!!! Everyone will roar with laughter!!

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