Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Molly Update!

Here is a little blurb from Carepages, which a place were Molly's parents keep everyone informed of their ever changing journey. I copied and pasted it directly from their site.

Well, it's been unpleasant, to say the least. I think the worst part, after the amount of seizures Molly has had, is that they were in no way typical of what we see at home. Makes us wonder and question, and right now, it's wait and see what the Dr. says.I had called from RMH a little after midnight, and Molly was peacefully sleeping. I missed Chad's first two texts which began around 2:30AM. Short story is lots of short, small seizures, several rescue meds given in between, and then more small seizures. Right now Molly is on IV dilantin, and if that doesn't work, they'll give her more ativan. So we wait. Wait on what the Drs. have seen, wait to see if her seizures calm down, wait to see if Drs. need more, because they weren't typical...Chad and I are both feeling tested right now. We are discouraged by what we see. Please pray we will trust in God's amazing plan, even if He tells us 'no' to a scar tissue removal surgery here in Cleveland. Please also pray for Molly's comfort, especially her itchy head. Grandpa and I have had to stop her more than once to keep the dressing from working its way up and off her head. Please pray for Chad. He's attempting to sleep at RMH after a night that he'll never forget. I'm feeling some regret that I wasn't here to bear the burden with him. I know, God is using all of this for good, and you all are absolutely standing in the gap for us, but I am struggling to let God win the battle of the mind right now. So, that's it. Thanks for continuing to lift us up. Will let you know what we know by end of the day.
With love and gratitude,Christine (and Chad)

I think it goes without saying that Molly is in need of more prayers at this time. So again I ask for your continued prayers for this little girl who is being put through so much in order to get some conclusive answers. Also in case you were wondering RMH=Ronald McDonald House



Megan said...

Thanks for the update

Will continue to PRAY...

Genesa said...

Glad you updated, thanks! We will continue to pray also!

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