Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Molly update...pray now more than ever!

Below it yet another update from Molly's parents....

The stimulation test went very well. Molly was exhausted and still did better than most. They told us that the test usually takes two days for kids her age but they were able to get all the information they needed in one day (even with a computer failure that delayed it 2 hours and required a replacement computer). That is answered prayer. The results of the test indicate that the location of the big seizures that we are accustomed to seeing is located in an operable spot on the brain. As I said before there are other places on her brain causing seizures that they cannot take away. So they do not believe that they can take them away totally, but they believe that the re-section can possibly eliminate the big ones and medicines can then control (stop) the others. They gave us a 30-50% chance of this.

Without the surgery they believe controlling seizures is 3-5% chance. We believe that right thing to do is to go forward with this surgery. It's an agonizing decision because of what is actually going to happen to her, but we feel that it gives her a chance to control these seizures which is a chance that she does not have if we do nothing. So at 11:00 am on Thursday morning she will go back to surgery to have this small section removed. There are some possible deficits that can occur due to this procedure. She may not be able to talk, walk or use her right side. They are all temporary and could take anywhere from days to months to recover. There is no telling whether or not she will have any of these problems but they are a possibility.
So here is the latest list of specifics to pray for.

Pray that Molly feels like she is lying in the palm of God's hand especially for the next few days.
Pray that the surgery has no complications and that it leaves no deficits.
Pray the surgery results in a life of controlled seizures for Molly.
Pray for the peace that passes all understanding be present in our hearts ( we have felt it).
Pray that the hearts of Molly’s caretakers are turned towards the Lord somehow through this ordeal.

When Molly was born 8 years ago we almost lost her. I still remember what my wife said, “Let's pray for everything and praise Him for anything.” We are back to that state of mind again. We take great comfort in knowing that Molly is being taken before the Throne by the fervent prayers of some righteous Saints. We take great comfort in knowing that the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe knew about Molly’s journey before the earth began. We humbly thank you in advance for your prayers.
Chad and Christine



Megan said...

Thanks Danielle, Praying praying praying

Carra said...

Thanks for the update, We're praying too!

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