Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garden Update!

Over the past week, my mom and I have been canning up a storm.....A week ago Sat. we canned up some salsa...last Tues. we did some tomato juice and corn (pic. above), and then this past Sat. we did some more salsa and spaghetti sauce. This week we are planning more corn, salsa, and maybe spaghetti sauce.....depending on when how many tomatoes we have...I don't remember how much salsa we did the first round, but the second round we got 25 Quarts of juice and 15 quart bags of corn, Sat we got 2o something quarts of salsa and 29 quarts of spaghetti sauce!
Hubby is so willing to help if he is able...I'm thinking he like she idea of running the "power tools"....what cha' think? Plus you know he just couldn't wait for me to document his help in "the blog" with a photo op! (Hmm maybe not so much!)

I hope you are being blessed with plenty in your gardens as well!




Megan said...

Looks like you've been plenty busy!!!
I've been freezing tomatoes for our big salsa day! Soon it will also be time for applesauce!!

Genesa said...

Good job! I bet Justin was so excited to see he made the blog! We all know how he really feels about it!!!!!! =)

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