Friday, September 4, 2009

A Little Movie Review?

Well I actually had the chance to rent some NEW RELEASES and watch them this past week!!! I thought I would let you in on my may not be worth much...but I thought I would give me my 2cents anyway!

MARLEY & ME rated PG with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson

I watched this with my kiddos since it was rated PG, and I thought the overall story was cute and even touching in some points of the movie... I totally loved that house they moved into in Philadelphia...a brick saltbox style home....ohhhh! I was disappointed that I for being PG there was so much use of profanity (at least a half dozen times) and there were some "harsh words" ( not curse words, but words we don't allow our children to use). In spite of all those things it was a great adult movie and I did have the opportunity to then talk to my kids after the movie and explain some of the language use and what is expected at our home and from our mouths.

DUPLICITY rate PG-13 ( I think) with Julia Roberts (my fav. actress) and Clive Owen
This is definitely an adult only movie in my book more like an R rating for a tiny bit of nudity and sexual suggestion I guess you would call it. Language did not seem to be an issue at all. I LOVED this movie...great action...kept me guessing throughout the whole movie....If you like Ocean 11 style movies, you will love this movie as much as I did!!!

So there you are a couple reviews in case you get the chance to rent some movies in the near future. Maybe this review will help you know what someone else thought of them.




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