Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have really been enjoying Photoscape, a new photo editing software, I downloaded for free...I simply did a search on FREE pic. editing software. In case you have been wanting something similar yourself, I thought I would share!
Here are a couple pics I have messed with a bit....Photoscape have tons of different layouts to pick from....I also did the one you see at the top of my blog!
I took this one last week....Caleb was showing Zach how to write his was so sweet to see them encouraging one another and working together....priceless moments!

In case you were not aware...all four of the kids had the flu last week.....sigh!.....Ahhh you can see the look in his eyes and know how he feels....He was a good sport and let me snap a pic of him.

We feel confident is saying that they all have the cleanest bedding around...We have spent many hours washing bedding and cleaning carpets...ect! So unfortunately this pic of Caleb was our anthem last week! PTL we think we are all on the mend, and pray this will be a much more uneventful week for us!




Leslie said...

aww i love this program! my cousin introduced it to me about a year or so ago =)

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