Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Invention by LANCE

Here is my beloved inventor getting ready to launch his latest creation. If you know Lance, he LOVES to invent things.....I mean constantly!!!! While we love that he is so creative and always trying to come up with the next best thing, he is always breaking into Dad's tools to make creative adjustments. He prides himself on finding things from the trash in the garage...things Dad has thrown out (that means they are fair game right?) In case you have a hard time figuring it out he has made a little scooter to ride down our hill here by the house...Nice huh? (I personally am loving the bungee strapped seat...very stylish)

Although it looks great....the testing of this invention did not go as well as was expected...The wheels kept falling he's tweaking it to get it just right!




Genesa said...

Good job Lance! I love that you use your brain!!!What a blessing!

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