Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Okay so if I haven't already told you Fall is my favorite season...spring would be a close second! I love sweatshirt weather, although this week it has been windy and made the weather pretty chilly! So last night for the first time we fired up the corn/pellet stove!!! Ohhh how I look forward to having that stove on....I love the glow it gives off and the warmth it provides!! Last night after firing it up the kids grabbed the bean bags and we read in front of it for about 30-45 minutes before bed. Doesn't get much better than that!!!

And the night before last Justin and the boys were outside doing some work and when they came in they were naturally we had to break out the HOT CHOCOLATE!!!
Caleb enjoyed every sip!
Even though Julia was inside with me, she thought she needed some too!
Zach also officially learned how to ride a bike without training to come!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun.
I love hearing about your family.
Especially Justin, he seems fascinating!

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