Monday, September 14, 2009

Garden Update!

Well the totals are.......For the most part everything that I have planted in our garden this year has been harvested, cleaned, and canned!! (with the exception of a some more tomatoes)
WHEW!!! God had blessed us with an abundance this year!!

Salsa 52 quarts
Juice 50 quarts
Sp. Sauce 42.5 quarts
Green Beans 28 quarts
Corn 15 quarts

I am thinking maybe I will try my hand at some pizza sauce and maybe even some tomato soup....if I get the recipe from Justin's cousin......At this point just thinking might be all I do till next year....I'll keep you posted!




Megan said...

Wow you should be eating good for a long time! We always put our salsa in pints and I thought having 40 some pints was a lot! You put it in Quarts!!! That's ALOT!!!

Now maybe you need some rest!!!

I need to do applesause in the next week or two I got over 3 bushel from our trees!!!!

Stacy said...

nice work danielle!! i wish i had that much ambition:)

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