Friday, February 20, 2009

Preparing To Party!

First we started with making the cake. My Mother in law makes this great "jello cake" at birthdays, and we all totally LOVE it! I also love it because it's SOOOO easy! I plan to post next week on the food we are having tonight and the recipes...just in case you all want to try something new. Just for a little preview....I made Taco Soup, Mexican Casserole, and Jello cake, and ice cream for dessert. (Zach was my cake helper, he did a great job mixing!)
I think his favorite part of the job was licking the bowl and spoon..I know it's always the part I look forward to the most!!
Here is the cake after we baked it....there then are several more things we need to do to the cake...I'll show you that all later!
Our cake needed to cool then so we started working on other things then all sudden Zach comes to me and says "Mom I did not take a bite out of the cake." I was puzzled by this sudden profession of innocence. SOOO I went to inspect the cake...and sure enough there was a nice bite out of it!!!AHHHHHH!! I didn't really get to excited about the whole thing because I knew it would be hidden by the toppings and all......little boys!!!
This a our giant lips pinata!!! I got it for $2 at Walmart last night in the Valentine clearance stuff. We don't normally do pinatas but I thought.....OOOHHH how fun!!
Here we are cutting construction paper in strips to made some homemade streamers!!! I couldn't find any in town last we made some our we could anyway.
Now Lance is helping me blow up some balloons for some more decorations!!
Zach climbed on the table to help put them in place....he loved having permission to be on the table! Before all was said and done we also hung up a balloon bundle from the light (guess I never took a pic of that.)
Then for the next half hour the kids hooped and hollered as they ran around playing with the extra balloons...I always wonder why I don't keep some balloons on hand at all times....they always provide so much entertainment for the kids.
To end out morning, Caleb also got a b-day card in the mail....ohhhhhh how he loves to get mail!!!
So now for the next 4 hours or so the kiddos will constantly ask me "How much longer till everyone gets here?" We are ready for them!!!!!


Genesa said...

Looks like fun!

Megan said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

Happy Birthday Caleb

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