Monday, February 9, 2009

Kroger Run Saturday

I have no idea what is up with my photo being sideways...It is fine and turned the right way before I download it then it turns...and I couldn't figure out how to fix it......story of my sorry you have to crank you neck to check it out :)

Well sorry I haven't been posting my grocery runs lately...maybe you never even noticed????Well we have had a really crazy time around here with lots of sickness SOOOOO when I would make my grocery runs I would come home and hurriedly put things away then realize OOOOHHHH man I forgot to take my photo.....then my hubby would laugh and think I have offically lost it when I am concerned about taking photos of my groceries!!!!!! (I know how much I enjoy and love to see what others are getting and hope my photos do the same to inspire you for your next shopping trips.)

As you can see I got 3 packs of diapers and other stuff and I paid $26...I got free toilet paper, free betty crocker potatoes, reduced bananas and cheap everything else....I think I got 15 items for the $26 dollars..I thought that was good considering the diapers took up most of that money..
This trip was basically because I had some coupons that were going to expire and I wanted to match those coupons with my loadable coupons from cellfire and shortcuts to get some free stuff before they expired...anyway that is what I came up with.....I am looking forward to a good week at Meijer...I skipped going last week it just wasn't worth the trip...but I am thinking this week I will go..if I can get away from the sick kiddos...we will see!


Megan said...

normally the diapers alone would be $30. on sale!! good job. I too love to see and post grocery pics. I guess maybe it's a sickness we have!

Meijer does look pretty good this week!

Carra N Jon said...

Hey there!!!
I love everything about your blog. and all the recipe ideas Yea!!!. I can't wait till I'm at home to try then on Jon.

You asked about my new look. it was so easy. I was looking around on scraping blogs and found a link to the sight, it's at the top left of my blog click on it and play around and see what you like.( it blends in, but it's called the cutest blog on the block.) and it will tell you step by step what to do!
It's great. but better yet it's Free!!! :)
Have a great day!
I'll be praying your babies get better!

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