Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mid Week Funny!

Can you guess who this is????
My Mid Week Funny has nothing to do with this picture, but the picture in and of itself is funny enough I think!!!!! I will tell you at the end of my post who it is......
So I already told you Monday was a day I spent with just Caleb...(who by the way is so excited that his birthday is on Saturday...he has a count down going on only 3 days till my birthday and 2 days till my party....I remember those days of such excitement before your next I just try to forget them and hope I will start to get younger!) Anyhoo..We were in the car traveling from place to place and he says to me "Mom is just doesn't get any better than this a mom and her son just spending a fun day together. I am having so much fun. I mean this is more fun than going to Chuck E Cheese." I teared up and just about fell out of the drivers seat all at the same time. I was so touched by the fact that he was having such a great time doing nothing really, but he let me know that he cherished the time we were spending one on one with each other. ( That's the part that made me a bit teary.) Then when the whole Chuck E Cheese comment was made I just couldn't believe it...he has been begging to go there for weeks and has been using his upcoming birthday as reason enough to make the trip! So when he said our errand running together even beat going there I was just.....well speechless...and most of you know that is not a very common occurrence with me...Well I just wanted to share those very special moments with you all and hope you got a little chuckle out of them as well.........Happy Wednesday!! Yep, it's Caleb!!


Genesa said...

That is sweet! It's good to know how he feels! Brie and Zeke loved the picture!!!

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