Monday, February 16, 2009

Date night/ Meijer Run

Friday night was so great!!! Hubby and I went on our date night and had a great time alone interrupted referring any sharing our food or distracting anyone while we waited for our table or food.....just a sweet time of adult time alone!! Of course by the end of the night we are always ready to jump back into doing all the fun things I keeps us young...HMMMM maybe anyway it keeps things exciting none the less!!!
Well we knew our romantic date night wouldn't be complete without a Meijer run...just kidding that really isn't up there on the romantic ometer at all but since we were in town and we had over 1 1/2 hours to wait for our table I had planned a trip to Meijer just in case. Since we got home late I skipped over the picture this week...sorry for you picture lovers....but here is the list of what I got. I did two transactions in order to get the maximum savings from my coupons. Combining both transactions I got 48 items for $47.00. I was very happy with that!!
12 pringles
2 wishbone salad dressings
1 Lysol Disinfectant
2 Activia 4pcks of yogurt
4 boxes of Chex mix bars
2 boxes of BC fruit snacks
4 BC brownie mixes
4 BC warm delights
2 BC frosting
1 skippy peanut butter
2 boxes Fiber one bars
4 Toaster Strudels (Scramblers)
2 Ready to Bake cookie doughs
2 margarine
2 lunch meats
@ 2lbs grapes

Great trip I thought although if we hadn't already been in town I would not have made the trip because most of these items were not nessecity items. Have you seen the ad for this....not to promising...I just glaced over it for a minute so maybe with a closer look I will see more ad match-ups. Okay for this next statement you might want to be sitting down.......
I did not make a trip to CVS or Walgreens today which is such a rarity to not go to either one..I really didn't see anything I had to have deal wise at either place so I decided to skip both this week. Also I did not hit Kroger this I will rely on what I have in stock and what I got a Aldi and Meijer this weekend to get me through till I find more deals...THUS the beauty of having a well stocked pantry to go to!!!!


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