Friday, February 20, 2009

Gettin' Ready To Party!!

Today is a party day for us!!! Tonight we are celebrating Caleb's 6th Birthday!!!! (His actual birthday is Sat the 21st.) So I am planning to take some pics throughout the day of our prep work and all the fun....In hopes I will be able to post all the happening this afternoon... For now I thought I would share some more fun pics of the BIRTHDAY BOY!!! (Even though he seems to be the feature of my pics here lately.)

At Christmas time..that little green thing in front of him is a Rice Krispie tree and they decorated them with white frosting and then put whatever candy and sprinkles they want for ornaments.
Always smiling.....usually it following that something ornery :)
Caleb loves spending time with Julia...he dotes on her and loves reading books to her, even if he has to make up the story...
Proudly displaying his little craft project we did for school a few weeks ago!



Genesa said...

Happy Birthday Cubby, Hope you have a great day and Party!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Birthdays are so much fun! The cake looks good! =)

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