Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mid Week Funny!

Okay, well let me explain!! It is a "ritual" at our house that after the kids take a shower/bath they go stand in front of the stove to warm up and dry off....Well I caught two of my boys...whose name I will no mention...pulling up a chair and warming up side by side.

I just couldn't help myself.......I had to grab my camera and capture the moment! I am sure they will thank me later...or maybe not..


Carra N Jon said...

How how fun!
Lots of memories are made there in the Gaerte house.
Hey do you scrapbook? I think you'd love it.
Keep those funnies coming! we just love them.

Anonymous said...

i am sure this is one of those photos you will all laugh about when they are older!! make sure you know where it is so at their graduation parties you can bring it out and show!!!

glad to hear everyone is starting to feel better!!

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