Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meijer and Menards Bargains!!

Okay, so I decided to make the trip to town today. I was able to take just Caleb with me, so we had a FANTASTIC day with just the two of us!! Our first stop in town, MENARDS....I was able to get all the FREEBIES this time!!!! 2 Paint brushes, a measuring tape, 2 liquid nails, a square, 4 batteries, a some magnetic something kit( I have no idea what this is but I know hubby does)...For my $10 purchase I got some flower seeds..I was so excited when I saw them !! I was able to get some perennials and annuals, so now I need to get my seed containers ready so I can start them...WOOOHOOO!!!!

Next was MEIJER..... Again I did two transactions this time around and I was very happy with what I ended up with this week!!
I won't list each item, since you can check out the picture, but I will tell you I got 32 items and only spent $21.81!!!!!!! Caleb was the most happy about the cereal and free milk deal we did. (Even though we already have about 12 boxes of cereal...he thinks you can never have enough Apple Jacks or Fruit Loops in the house.)

So have you all been getting your Menards rebates yet??? I sent my first one on Jan. 22nd, so I hope to get one back this week...that would be in the 4-6 week mark....but I know it could a little while longer as well! Leave me a comment on how long your rebates have been taking you....


Megan said...

Hey great trip..

Were those GG Steamers part of the 10/10?? I thought maybe it was just the boxed ones. That would be great since we can get those free.

I still have only gotten 1 check. It was about a month ago. I'm thinkin' any day now. I really hope it gets here before Friday --my shopping day!!

Danielle said...

Yes for those wondering the steamers (the small bag) is part of the 10 for 10!! Gotta love free veggies!!

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