Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Calling All Bargain Shoppers/ Couponers

Well much to my surprise I have been asked to do a "couponing" workshop a our church's women's retreat this year (March 20-21).........So I come to you all with a question!!!
Give me an idea of what I should make sure to include....I am starting to compile a list of things but wanted your input as well....I am by no stretch of the imagination a PRO at couponing...I am still learning my self after 7 months, but I am more than happy to share what I know!!

The workshop is going to zero in on KROGER, MEIJER, and ALDI shopping.

1. What have been the most helpful things about bargain shopping/ couponing that I should share?
2. What has the thing you wish you would have known years ago??
3. Just share any hints you think I need to make sure and mention...

After I finish my draft for the workshop I will be sure to post a series on it so you all can help add or delete things ......thanks for your help!!


Megan said...

Well where do you start...

Well you know everything but here are some things that I would definatly include.

1)menu planning--making your menu from items you have on hand and then your shopping budget can be spent on items on sale and coupons that you will use in the future. this might take 6+ months to achieve as you build your stockpile...

2) of course buy sunday papers unless you're totally Aldis

3)internet printables

4)Look for managers specials at Kroger. Esp. in the bread and produce departments

That's it for now gotta go

Megan said...

Make sure you let them know how Kroger works...rules--
*only 2 like coupons triple.
*only allow 1 trans.with coupons in 24 hr. period.
*take internet printables

*Coupons that start with 5 will triple. Coupons that start with 9 will not automatically triple.(anywhere not just Kroger)

Some internet printables say "Do not double/triple". it will triple if it's scanned but some cashiers will not allow. So it can be different each shopping trip.

rules for Meijer
*Double up to .50cents
*only double 2 like coupons.
*Will allow multiple transactions at the same time.
*take internet printables
Most important.. The whole just of really coupon shopping is not only using a coupon but matching that with a rock bottom sale.
give them a list of helpful sites...
Also list of sites to print coupons
anyone else gonna chime it???

Anonymous said...

I am so excited you are going to do this. I hope I am able to come to the retreat.

Anonymous said...

Danielle, I love this site, Christa sent me a link, and now I am hooked. I am definitely going to be trying your coupon ways, I'm pretty excited about saving $$.

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