Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Share, Save, Spend Bank.......

 On Monday the kids and I were reading through a fun kit that we were given to try out and give our opinion on. This kits focuses on how we can share the three T's, Time, Talent & Treasures. It has a wonderful little comic book that tells several different story's on the three T's. One of the things they talk about is a Share, Save, & Spend Bank. I have been wanting to get one of these for each of the kids for several years and have never followed through with it. I am now glad that I didn't because the book had a really fun "Do it Yourself" bank activity. In case any of your would like to make one below are the directions along with some pictures...just for added fun.

 Find three circle containers. In the background you can see we used left over tootsie roll containers we had from Easter. Parmesan cheese containers, and regular mason jars would also work well. Whatever you decide to use, first wash them out and let them dry. Then we got out some scrapbook paper and took the square punch I have from my Stampin' Up supplies and cute out 13 squares.
 Next we lined up our squares so we had enough to spell, Save, Share, Spend.

 These happen to be Lance's containers (left over cotton candy containers...also from Easter). The directions did recommend clear containers if at all possible so the children can see the money pile up in the containers. Step #3 it to secure the containers together. You do not have to secure them together if you don't want to. We decided for us it was best so they all stay together in one spot. We went totally functional here and went with good ole' duck tape. Not pretty, but hey it will serve the purpose.

 Then the boys applied sticky dimensionals to the back of each of the letters. You could also use pieces of tape and that would work wonderful as well.

 This is the finished product. The boys loved making them and we had a really great discussion on how we figure out how much to put inside each container when they are paid for a job, receive B-day money, or accumulate money in any other way. It is important to use to teach our children early how important it is to manage God's money. We also want to teach the value of money.....and remind them that it doesn't just "appear" you have to work hard to get income. The money in their SPEND jar is their money to decide how to spend it. If the jar is empty then it's empty until they produce the income to refill it. We pay the kids for doing extra jobs around the house. For example, sweeping off the sidewalk or the deck, picking up sticks and taking them to the burning barrel, helping to clean out the barn, painting, ect. is worthy of payment. We also do pay them a bit for completing regular household chores. (We keep the chores age appropriate and the amount of payment is solely up to mom and dad.)

Is there anything special you do to teach your children about money? If not, maybe you should consider a program like, The ABC'S of Handling Money God's Way by Howard & Bev Dayton (designed for ages 5-7).



Cascia said...

That is a great way to teach your kids about money. Currently we don't teach our kids about money they are too little for that. I wish I could afford to give them an allowance so that they can learn about saving money and the value of it. Hopefully they will learn by example watching their Mom and Dad.

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