Monday, May 3, 2010

A Quick Getaway Weekend to Memphis, TN....not what we expected!

 WARNING: This is our LONG story of our adventure in Tennessee this past weekend......

Justin called at 3pm on Thursday and asked me if I could be ready to be whisked away for the weekend in Memphis and Nashville with him. We knew that he might have to head to Memphis for some work related issues so I had put a "what if" plan for the kids. So we had the green light for a last minuted getaway for the weekend!!
 I had all these romantic notions of a carefree weekend hanging out together, relaxing, taking in a little HGTV at the hotel while Justin worked with his customers.
 Our trip started off with laughing, talking, and navigating out way south. We made a quick stop at a gas station....I had to take a shot of these stools. Aren't they super cool?
 Loved this pretty cool looking bridge! I don't remember where we were at this point, but we crossed some state line on this bridge.
 After working until 8pm on Friday, Justin got his customer dialed in and we headed off to a recommended resturant, Leonard's. It was a buffet fit for a king! Ribs, Catfish, corn on the cob, and tons of other YUMMY things!!
It was only us and one other couple in the whole restaurant.....Hmmmm wonder why? Well let me back up just a little bit in the we were driving into downtown Memphis, we saw droves of people! I am talking hundreds and hundreds of people walking on the side walk. Parking spots were all taken within blocks......Hmmmm wonder why? Well at the resturant the waitress told us that the first weekend in May is the Memphis Music Festival.....thousands of people come from everywhere to enjoy all sorts of music for the weekend. Now looking back at our adventure...maybe this should have been our first clue the weekend would not go as we had planned.
After eating we headed to famous Beale Street to enjoy some blues music. When we got there this what we found. Thousands of people shoulder to shoulder! We waited in line to pass security to even get onto the famous strip, then all of the places were charging a cover charge to listen to music (which is not the normal....they knew they could because of the festival crowd). Justin and I had a good time hanging out together, but I felt uneasy the whole night with such a diverse crowd around us.
We did this cool scene. A group of people handing out scripture books and preaching the good news. To be honest, it was hard to hear anything the man was saying above the bustling crowds. There presence was known by many though, and not everyone was as glad to see them there as we were. ( I won't go into detail.)

The weather was working on dumping rain on us so we decided to head back to the hotel. At this point this country girl had enjoyed all the city life I could take in one day.

Tomorrow I will share with you what we woke up to.......not expected, not fun, and not soon forgettable.



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