Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Update!

Well, you might have noticed I have been missing for several days. Not missing really, just hammering out a few things on my "To-Do List". Last Thursday I was able to finish putting in the GARDEN!!! Just in time to, because in my area there was a couple days of good rain.....and then  very soggy ground everywhere. So now it a sweet time! Everything is planted.....and I don't have to weed anything yet...smile! Just relax and give things a chance to get growing!! Here are some pictures of garden and what is already growing.

  Can you believe that these plants are just from last year? I can't! They are so lush and thick and gorgeous! I can't wait to eat em'!
 Ohhhhh ya and here are some of them growing.
 A girlfriend of mine gave me a different variety of strawberries starts. It is a lot less painful to snap off the flowers on these guys....since we know we still have strawberries coming from our other plants! Next year our harvest should be even more abundant!!
 The rhubarb is also doing great, I think so anyway. I have never grown it before. I am dreaming of the yummy  things I will make for my hubby....rhubarb is his favorite!
 Here is my mixed batch of lettuce. Before planting I mixed all my spinach and lettuces together and then sprinkled them onto the soil. Some really smart lady gave me that hint! She said it will give you an instant mixed salad when you harvest it.....I know smart, right?
 My onions are doing well. These are a sweet variety I have planted.
 My pumpkins are sprouting out of the soil just this week. Looks like between the four hill (2 varieties) we should have a great mess of them.
 Here are my sugar snap peas. I have never grown these before either, so I don't really know what to expect from them. They are doing well as well as the second planting of them that I did.

I planted several different rows of flowers this year as well. So I am SUPER excited about having more flowers to cut an bring in the house to enjoy!



Genesa said...

That looks great Danielle! I'm planting today! I can't wait til mine looks like that! Thanks for the lettuce tip, that is a good one!

Megan said...

Yea I agree, great lettuce tip! I'll try that next year since my lettuce is already going!

I couldn't tell do you have something for your peas to climb on?? Part of mine are going crazy and part of them are gone... rabbits....

I'm still working on posting an update on my garden! All is going good so far, just wish the darn rabbits would find food elsewhere!!

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