Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FREE Money Map from Crown Financial Ministries

In case your new to my blog or you need a refresher, I have talked opening about our financial journey since following Crown's Money Map. I passionately believe in being Financially FREE and strongly believe anyone can achieve it if they are really willing to put the effort into it.
If you would like to read a little about our journey and read some helpful hints we have learned along the way (we are still learning) be sure to check out the "Seeking Financial Freedom" icon on my side bar.

Crown is offering a FREE money map for a limited time! I have enjoyed having our map. It has helped us to set our goals in the correct order, and give us a visual of what we are currently shooting for. As a couple you get to document your journey by marking down the dates you accomplish each Step.

So are you wanting FINANCIAL FREEDOM in your life? Don't wait any longer go HERE to score you FREE MAP!!!!


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