Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garage Sale Finds....

 I have been wanting some of these big containers to store my flour. I was thrilled when I bought them for $1 each last Saturday!!
 I got this corner shelf for $10 about a month ago. LOVE IT!! The grapevine tree I got for $2 last year I think. The white bird house for $1 last year as well. Ohhh ya I also got an all wood end table for $8! (sorry no pic)
 These cool bottles are also on that shelf! I bought them for $1 each. I plan to store herbs or spices in them in the near future.
 I am always looking for educational resources. I found this fun puzzles with the beads for the younger kiddos. I also got a school zone book for Lance for .50....gotta love that!

I am okay with the fact that my house is furnished 95% with auction, used, or garage sale finds. That has saved us a buddle of money and allows to still decorate with the things I like. Of course it would be super fun to have ALL NEW things, but that just isn't how we roll around here.

Hope your finding bargains this Spring as well........HAPPY hunting!



Megan said...

Great Finds once again!!! I haven't been to many this year yet.... but I love garage sales!!!

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