Friday, May 28, 2010

What I Used for MORE Storage

 Since my crafting area has been in full swing lately I have really been wanting to get it a little more organized. I really wanted to get some more storage that was easily seen and easily to grab when I need it. This is what I came up with......

 I remember seeing this idea in a quilting magazine years ago. They actually used a changing table to display their quilt collection. I decided it would make a great storage solution as well. For some reason we had not picked it yet even though we haven't used it for at least 2 years.....well I guess that came in handy this time! Don't be to impressed it is not really pretty....If I really wanted it to look cute I would have maybe painted it......I feeling lazy and just wanted to throw my things on it instead!
 I left the top right section empty because I knew that it would make a GREAT card making spot. I have my stamping supplies on the 2nd shelf, and my quilting fabric on the bottom. One stack of quilting books/magazines on the left and stamping books on the right.

So the next time you need a storage solution, first look around the things you already have and think a little outside the box. You just be inspired to save yourself some $$$ and use something you already have....which will give you more $$$$$ to spend on crafting!!!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Alan said...

I use a lot of unused stuff too for stuff like this, but I never thought of this one...this is a GREAT idea! And it looks really nice too! Nice job!

Thanks for entering my giveaway, btw! And 'liking' me on FB! You have a very appealing blog!

sheila said...

Uhhhh that is NOT me above! lol. Apparently my SON used my computer today and I've been commenting on blogs all day with his name rather than mine. Good heavens!

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