Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CSN Stores Review

CSN Stores generously sent me two bird feeders of my choosing to review.

One thing that I have wanted to incorporate into my landscaping is bird feeders. I wanted to the bird feeders to not only reflect the style of our property, but be very durable and functional at the same time without breaking the bank.
 The Heritage Bird Feeder is the first feeder I chose. The style of this feeder is the first thing that drew me in, and secondly that fact the this product is MADE IN THE USA! This feeder is made of hard resin plastic making it very durable to the elements outside. I really like how easy it is to put the feed into the feeder. My children can do this all by themselves without a problem. I am very excited that just two days ago we saw our first visitors eating a snack. I would recommend this product with two thumbs up.

The Barn Hummingbird Feeder was the second feeder I chose to try out. I have wanted a hummingbird feeder for years, but for some reason had never picked one up. I have several hummingbirds each year that come to visit my coral bells, and I think this feeder will give them one more reason to come and visit. Again, this product is MADE IN THE USA...love that! It is also made of the same durable plastic material as the Heritage feeder. I really love the "barn" style of this feeder which goes along with our homestead great. I don't think it is quiet warm enough yet for my hummingbirds to come and visit me, but I will be ready when they come! Another thing that I liked was that the feeder is so reasonably priced at $14.95. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to attract beautiful hummingbirds to their property!



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