Friday, April 16, 2010

Garden Update!

Well I have been out busy getting the garden ready over the past week. It has been fun getting my hand dirty and getting a few early things planted! Here are some pictures:

In the very front are all those wonderful rhubarb plants that I was given..I think I counted 12 in all! Planted in front of that are lettuce, carrots, onions, and leeks. I decided to do short rows of these things because I am not planted a whole lot of any of them.
 Here are my nice bushy strawberries. I am amazed at how well these babies grow in one year. I guess pinching off ALL of those flowers (as painful as it was last year) really does get you nice plants the next year!
 Here is the fence that I put up the other day. Last fall my father-in-law was going to throw this fence in the trash....and I quickly said "No, don't throw it out I want it for my garden next year! Which just goes to show one persons trash is another person's treasure! I love it's primitive look and it will function as a trellis for my sugar snap peas (which I planted yesterday), morning glories will grow in the middle section, and then my bole green beans on the left (which will be planted after frost time). I still have some fencing left so I plan to use the rest of it for my cucumbers and squash to climb.

Have a great weekend!



Megan said...

It's looking great Danielle

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