Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just for the JOY of it!

 You know it'  a  good week when two different people call you within days of each other to offer you free flowers!!! Hollie was sweet enough to share with me a variety of iris that I don't have (they get about 3 ft high). They extra special part is that they iris have come from Hollie's great-great-grandma! I seriously fell so blessed to be passed some very special flowers!! Thanks HOLLIE!!!
 Then Dawn called me to share some several different types of Spring bulbs with me. Her bil was ripping out some flowers beds and wanted to get rid of TONS of bulbs.....WOW!! I was the most excited about the red tulips I was able to dig up and bring home!!! I absolutely LOVE tulips, yet I don't have any!! I also 5 other varieties of things..Yahoo!
 Here are my three baskets full of loot to plant at home! THANKS so much DAWN for thinking of me!!
So these are a couple of things that have brought JOY to my life this past week.....although I had a hard time choosing (good problem to have huh?) Go check out Sharon's blog HERE to read about more JOYFUL THINGS!!



Joyfull said...

That certainly brings a lot of good and joy into a week! May the flowers bring you beauty and joy for a long time!

Our Lives said...

I only have a side yard where we live. How I wish to have a flower garden! Well, the Lord knows the timing and I am contented. :)
Thank you for sharing the beautiful colors!

SmallWorld at Home said...

That is a very joyful day!! I love to get flowers from friends.

Lee-Ann said...

Oh that is way too sweet! As much as I would love free flowers/bulbs I know I would never use them or kill them with my black thumb! thanks for stopping by yesterday! :)

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