Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Know You NEED To GO To The Store When........

You know you NEED to GO to the store when.......
Yesterday was a very sad day at our all time LOW as far as meals go! Actually let me re-phrase...Yesterday was a VERY HAPPY day for my children, and a very pathetic day for this mama to swallow. I bet after all that you wonder what in world happened huh? Okay so here goes! Tuesday, April, 13th my two oldest children and I got our lunch for the gas station. Yep it is true, normally we pack our lunch on Tuesday, because we have classes to go to on that day...but I had NO GROCERIES for a portable lunches available. The only thing available in the area was a gas station. My kids got Hot Pockets and some sort of "pie" thing..they were thrilled! Then after going to classes all day we went to the library for a Science Central program and then off to a 4-H meeting. Well of course I had nothing quick to fix at through the drive-thru at McDonald's we went.......Ohhhh the shame!! (yes I just might be being a little dramatic)
I was rescued when our meeting got over so early that I could make a dash to the grocery store before heading home......Ohhhh the joy!
Can any of you relate to having food in the house...but it takes ample time to throw it together (because I am usually cooking from scratch), but no "quick meals" or snacks? Well a day of poor planning will land you right where I was yestereday...that's what I get for not having a meal plan this week...proof I just have to keep my meal plans going or else this is what happens.....$12.XX on lunch at the gas stations and another $12.XX at fast food.....ohhhh that just boils my blood to rehash it all, such a waste of money in one day!!!!!! Guess our eating out money is gone for the

Moving and learn....learn and keep living!     HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!



Megan said...

It happens!!! Must give yourself a break!!! We had McDonalds tonight after a long day of pricing the garage sale!! I don't feel bad at all... I think I'm to tired!!

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