Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wonder Why Wednesday?

Welcome to Wonder Why Wednesday!

I find that whenever I add humor to my day, my week, my mommy's moments it always make life a little easier to swallow.....anyone else feel that way?
With that in mind, this series it meant to be done and received with a playful spirit in mind.


As Americans we are so wasteful? My kids leave food on their plate and then whine they are hungry in a couple of hours....We don't eat all the leftovers and then they spoil.....ya know just plain old wasting. This came my mind lately the other day when I caught myself being all "tickled pink" that I use up ALL the mustard...every last drop to make meatloaf. Then I used up all the rest of the crackers in the sleeve before they went bad (which is the usual with us..they don't usually go bad because we eat hem up), and in the same day I scraped the last of the peanut butter from the jar and at lunch used every last smidgen of mayo. Whew!!! Funny how I got such satisfaction out of knowing that I didn't waste any of those such meaningless items.
As a family we try very hard to be good stewards of everything that the Lord has blessed us with. Justin and I are trying to instill in our children the reality that not all families, children, and pets are as loved as we are in our own family. Having an excessive food supply that surpasses our needs and a secure warm home is a luxery and a blessing, not a right. Living in America spoils us! Most of the world does not live the way we do yet we waste so much. Does that leave you WONDERING WHY and how you might be wasting your resources?

 I want to challenge you with a few questions...

How are you teaching your children to be good stewards of the things they are given?
When was the last time you reached out to someone without wanting something in return?

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